Every decision you make - every decision - is not a decision about what to do. It's a decision about Who You Are. When you see this,
      With his distinctive voice and uniquely memorable themes, French composer Laurent Eyquem has quickly become one
        of the most talked-about talents to arrive on the film music scene in recent years.  Known for his surprising artistic
        range and melodies of singular beauty, Eyquem is making his mark on the international movie music community, most
        recently taking home the much-coveted 2018 Public Choice Award from the World Soundtrack Awards.
        Eyquem’s score for Nostalgia (Varèse Sarabande), directed by Mark Pellington (Arlington Road, The Mothman
       Prophesies) showcases the emotional, thematic style that has became the trademark of his most successful and
     engaging works.  Organic, vulnerable yet unafraid, Laurent Eyquem’s score for Nostalgia provides an unflinching
   backdrop to tour-de-force performances by a brilliant ensemble cast including Jon Hamm, Ellen Burstyn, Bruce Dern and
Catherine Keneer.
when you understand it, everything changes. You begin to see life in a new way. ​All events, occurrences, and situations turn into
opportunities to do what you came here to do.​​
Neale Donald Walsch
                             The Bordeaux native debuted on the film music scene with his critically acclaimed, award-nominated score for
                        director Lea Pool’s Mommy’s at the Hairdresser’sin 2008.  Since that time, Eyquem has gained a reputation with the
                 international film music community for consistently delivering high-quality, richly thematic scores with his work
          drawing comparisons composing greats such as George Delerue, Jerry Goldsmith, John Barry and Alexandre Desplat. His various  nominations have placed him alongside film-music legends such as John Williams and Ennio Morricone.
Freedom - 18 Clash of Futures - Laurent Eyquem
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           Winner of the International Film Music Critics Association (IFMCA) Breakthrough Composer of the Year award in 2013, Eyquem’s scores for Copperhead  (Varèse
Sarabande) and Winnie Mandela (Sony-RCA) garnered multiple nominations from around the world, including three nods from the IFMCA (Breakthrough Composer of the Year; Best Original Score for a Drama Film; Composer of the Year), and the much-coveted Discovery of the Year nomination from the World Soundtrack Academy.
          Laurent’s success as a composer has come about in the face of what can only be described as personal tragedy.  The death of his younger sister and only sibling in the crash of the Air France Concorde was almost immediately followed by the death of his father – a clarinetist with the Bordeaux orchestra and Eyquem’s musical mentor.  Still reeling from these losses, Laurent endured a nightmare of his own -  a near-fatal, 30-foot fall that almost cost him his right arm.  A series of surgeries, 2 years of daily physiotherapy and sheer force of will restored Eyquem physically – but it was the subsequent decision to make a full-time commitment to the composer’s life that brought about complete recovery. 
          Today, Laurent channels his life experience into eloquent and powerful music for film, with more than 30 films and series to his credit, and 9 complete soundtracks released.  His reputation with producers and directors is that of a versatile, prolific and collaborative composer with a solid understanding and respect for the business demands and realities of international film production.  As an artist, Eyquem is known for his original, melodic and lyrical style that enhances the emotional weight of the visuals it supports.  
          Laurent is lead orchestrator and conductor on all his projects, and has had the great fortune to conduct and record his projects with soloists, symphonic orchestras and choirs from around the globe. He holds passports from the E.U (France), Canada and a U.S Green Card.
UCMF Prize*
Best Score Documentary  2019
for 18 - Clash of Futures
Public Choice Award 2018
for Nostalgia
Discovery of the Year
Soundtrack for Nostalgia
Public Choice Award
Soundtrack for Nostalgia
Rolf - Hans Müller Prize Nominee
Best Original Score
14 - Diaries of the Great War 2014
Composer of the Year
Best Original Score for a Drama Film - Copperhead
Film Composer
of the Year
Discovery of the Year  Soundtrack for Copperhead
Genie Award Nominee
Best Original Score
Maman est chez le coiffeur 2009
Jutra Award Nominee
Best Original Score
Maman est chez le coiffeur 2009
Best Instrumental Album
Maman est chez le coiffeur 2009
* International Film Music Critics Association (IFMCA)
* Guild of French Film Music Composers (UCMF)

2018  - German Film Music Awards - HONOREE - Film Musik Tage

Featured as a guest speaker and honoree alongside Oscar winning composer Rachel Portman

2016  - German Film Music Awards - HONOREE - Film Musik Tage

Honored for his career contribution to international film music with a live performance of his work by the Halle Symphonic Orchestra alongside selections from George Delerue, Ennio Morricone, Eric Serra, Charles Trenet and other film composing greats. Featured as a guest speaker.


2017    HARPA Nordic Film Composers Awards

Member of the Jury, Best Original Music for a Film

2010    Gemeaux / Gemini Awards Panel (Canadian Emmy Awards)

President of the Jury, Best Original Music for a Drama

President of the Jury, Best Original Music for a Documentary



2009    Gemeaux / Gemini Awards Panel (Canadian Emmy Awards)

President of the Jury, Best Original Music for a Drama

President of the Jury, Best original Theme, All Categories

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