From: Yanilda

Ho ascoltato la sua musica maravigliosa, ha toccato la mia anima. Grazie 

(Translation: "I listened to his marvelous music, he touched my soul. Thank you")

From: Gillian - Truly talented and inspirational

As a huge fan of film scores and going to concerts of the all time greats - I stumbled across Laurent's music after seeing USS Indianapolis - and was really amazed by his talent. Thank you for bringing me so much contentment in listening to your music - your music is food for the soul. Hopefully you will come to Ireland on tour some day. And I might even meet you :)

From: Roberta Adams

Music touches feelings that mortal words cannot. Especially your music. 

From: Mrs Page - Hurley's Dream

I found you on Youtube by accident, I have to say I'm so happy I did. I absolutely love your music, listening to Hurley's Dream, it's so beautiful it bring tears to my eye's I love it. Please don't ever stop what you are doing. YOU ARE A MASTER. I'm going to have a wonderful day today because I'm going out to buy some of your beautiful music. Best wishes Mags

From: Carol Klick - USS Indianapolis - Score

Masterful and magnificent!! Your music soars up to heaven, carries me with it, and floats there, swaying back and forth like the tides. Truly beautiful, deeply touching. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with the world.

From: Reg Daniel - Absolutely sublime

Greetings Laurent,

The soundtrack to “Copperhead” is absolutely sublime. I hope more of your soundtracks become available commercially!

All best wishes.



From: Josep Manel Blanch Turon, Barcelona, Spain

Excellent, brilliant, wonderful... one of the best scores I've listened this year. Thanks Maestro for this music. 'Copperhead' (2013) Varese Sarabande



From: Greg Cromer - Copperhead Premiere
It was a pleasure meeting you in Gettysburg at the premiere of Copperhead. I was truly impressed with how beautiful your score was, and how well it enhanced the movie. Everyone I've talked to feels the same way. The beauty of the score is often the first comment my friends have made about the movie. Congratulations! You did a masterful job.



From: Mayith

Today is a happy day for me because I got to listen to your music! It makes me feel deeply... very deeply... Can’t wait to hear more and more… You have got a new fan... May you journey be very long! Thanks for sharing your precious talent with the world!​​



From: Aizi 

Your music is inspirational.Your fan from Kyrgyzstan.


From: Ms Dinsdale R. 

Brilliant!!!  You are a magnificent composer.  Each and every time I listen to your music, it is a cathartic experience.  Thank you for sharing it.​​

From: Mark Allen (Musician, Composer)
You are such a talented person, and I admire your focus and integrity, and your will to move forward...God Bless you.

From: Vivienne - Thank You 

Your music touches my soul every time I listen. Thank you for persisting against all odds and taking your pain and transforming it into beautiful melodies within soaring themes. You are wonderful.​

From: Laurie (Fan)

Lovely music. I'm just getting into writing computer based film music myself.​

From: Michael Parisone: Inspirational 

I was referred to your web site by Diane Nagel a wonderful colleague of mine. She told to check you out and that you are amazing, I had to see for myself. You are.


From: Mike (Fan) 

Thank you for your beautiful music.​

Thanks! Message sent.

Moving On - Nostalgia - Laurent Eyquem